We are a collective of unique hospitality businesses born of Newtown NSW, one of the last beacons of creative, cultural, proudly weird and staunchly local neighbourhoods in Sydney Australia, to collaborate and give back to the place and its people. Every year we offer up top-notch festival fare during the Newtown Festival in support of the Newtown Neighbourhood Centre’s ongoing work to support the less fortunate, isolated and at risk of homelessness in our hood.

Class of 2014

Bloodwood, Hartsyard, The Stinking Bishops, Young Henrys, 212 Blu, Oscillate Wildly, Rising Sun Workshop, Earl's Juke Joint and Blackstar Pastry.

Class of 2015

Bloodwood, Oscillate Wildly, Earl’s Juke Joint, Rising Sun Workshop, The Stinking Bishops, Old Town Newtown, 212 Blu, Black Star Pastry, Hartsyard, Brewtown Newtown, Bach, Continental Deli, Mary’s, Young Henrys, N2gelato, The Courthouse Hotel.

Class of 2016

Black Star Pastry, Bloodwood, Brewtown Newtown, Continental Delicatessen, Fleetwood Macchiato, N2 Extreme Gelato, For The Dandy in the Clos, Oscillate Wildly, Rising Sun Workshop, Sparrow & Vine, The Stinking Bishops, Young Henrys, Hartsyard, Stanbuli, Mary’s, 212 Blu

Class of 2017

Rising Sun Workshop; Young Henrys; Marys; Queen Chow; Black Star Pastry; Stinking Bishops; Continental; Bloodwood; Fleetwood Macchiato; 212 Blu; Black Market Roasters; Osteria di Russo & Russo; Salmon & Bear: Hartsyard.



How do we do it?

Taking turns every year to lead the festival offering, we meet fortnightly in the lead up to collaborate and pull resources on the menu theme, t-shirt completion theme and fundraising targets. We each donate our time and resources under the Newtown Locals brand, so that every dollar earned goes right into supporting the NNC ongoing work.

Food & Beverage

Every year, the menu changes with a theme as guided by the leading NL for the year. Collaboration and creativity are the aim, local produce and talent essential to deliver festival goers an awesome feed to accompany their local booze and music.


Local Artists – T-shirt competition

Local and international artists, like tattoos to the town, layer streets of Newtown with street art. In honor of this, we ask local artists to participate in a t-shirt completion every year, thematically based on a cause/agenda, the winner is announced at the annual Launch Party at Young Henry’s brewery and sold at the festival and year round with all profits to the NNC.

Beyond the festival

NL merchandise is available for sale year round at our online shop, managed by Young Henry’s and profits to the NNC. We also share what each Local is up to throughout the year and have some other events in the works. If you want to support the NL do for your event, contact us at




Becoming a Local

Newtown Locals is a charitable collective, aiming to pull resources, efforts and creativity together to give back to the Newtown and surrounding community. We aim to remain a grassroots, local, collaborative initiative operating under full transparency and cooperation amongst the collective.

Requesting to become a part of the collective, businesses need to illustrate their capable of carrying out the following commitments:

  • Financial commitment - this contributes to the collective kitty for any costs associated with the festival - reported back to the collective with full transparency.
  • Spare the staff to work at Festival – minimum of 2 per business.
  • Understand all actions of promoting Newtown Locals has to be about the charity objectives not that of your own business.
  • Be willing to offer any available infrastructure owned by your business to be offered to NL at no costs, as needed.
  • Proof of ongoing support for your community each year.
  • Help promote NL events in lead up to the Festival on their own preferred social platforms.
  • Regular attendance at meetings.

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