Newtown Locals is a collective of businesses who all contribute in their own ways to the proudly imperfect neighbourhood that is Newtown, NSW. Some of us are quiet achievers, some are game changers but all of us are united in maintaining the greatness of Newtown by supporting local artists, community initiatives, charities, social enterprise and each other.

Formed in 2014 to take back the Newtown Festival as a truely local offering, the collective have since grown to include more local businesses and continue collaborating on events and initiatives the year round to show the world what Newtown has to offer. 


The Newtown Locals will work in groups to create dishes at the Newtown Festival each year, all available at reasonable prices. Punters will have no shortage of local beverage with wine, beer sodas and coffee all locally coordinated. All profits are donated directly to FIRST RESPONSE – Newtown Neighbourhood Centre, a frontline emergency response service, dealing with drug and alcohol abuse, mental illness and homelessness within the Inner West area.